Paradox Theorem

Baz is a pessimistic parkour kid, who is trying to avoid everything and everyone. Her plans get complicated when cyborgs, mutants, and the most enthusiastic of inventors just won’t leave her alone.

Written and illustrated by Mia Pearce, this quirky sci-fi comic will have reluctant friendships, strange creatures and other-worldly travel, as well as a lot of running.


Written and colored by Paula Richey(OtherRealm Studio), Inked by Mia Pearce and Lettered by Wes Locher, SoulBound is a fantasy adventure about Becca Albright, a pragmatic med student who is suddenly flung between worlds to a realm of monsters, myth and magic. Together with the sorcerously scarred warrior, Torrin, she must bring healing to warring nations and find a way home – before her time runs out.

Merely Players

Written by Ryan Tompkins and inked by Mia Pearce, Merely Players is an anthology series set in the industrial fantasy world of Teicna. It explores various characters, nations, and the stories they have to tell, starting from the beginning; Creation!